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am unemployed..need grants to pay bills

dollymax started this conversation

I just got laid off my job...I would like to find out about grants that can help pay my bills etc til i get back on my feet...i just bought a house, moved in, and 3 days later got laid!!!!  I have one child in college, and pay support for 2 others...

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My employment benefits ran out, I was beginning my second term of achieving an associate’s degree in the field social service and the employment office would not continue to help me. However, they stress the importance of achieving a degree, but they will not assist you if your time runs out. I wanted to continue but because of this situation, I am faced with a student loan along with other obligation that I cannot meet which means I credit history will also be ruin. So should you decide to continue your education please be sure you have enough time invested in your benefits or you can qualify for a full grant.
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positive thoughts
 in response to Jcanada...   Hello, Am very sorry to hear that your mom had cancer. My mom had also cancer but she beat that at the time. From your post am assuming you still reside in Ottawa. If you do am very shocked to hear the rent prices that is very high hope that includes all bills paid. Anyway I had also noticed in your post that you have done security work and if so do you have license for that cause that now to be a sercurity guard you require one of those. I am also from Ontario. Have you looked at kijjii on job ads there are jobs in which you qualify for on there. You also stated in your post that you worked at your last job for 7 months if so did you apply for EI then? When you have been on EI in the past 3 years you may qualify for a retraining program. Have you considered this? I know how tough it can be in finding work. It took me 13 months before I had found mine and have been there now for 7 months. There are jobs out there but with sooooo many out of work we are competing against them in landing those jobs in which we qualify for. Since after finding this job I have had 4 other jobs offered but choose to turn them down.
As for food have you tried the food banks in Ottawa?
I wish you the best and keep in touch.
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Im canadian born, 47 and I left alberta 4 years ago and moved to ottawa. I got a job right away at 24 a hour in my field and got a nice apt. I had that job for 8 months then mom got cancer so had to leave my job. Since then I was on EI and then welfare for the first time in my life! I dont have a husband or children. I cant go back to New Brunswick there is no work there. I have done retail, office admin, security and had great jobs all my life until 2008 its been very hard. I lost my apt and ended up homeless for 2 days then lived in a B and B for 7 months, then had another place but l ost that due to high rent and hydro and no work. I looked 2 hrs a day for work. My dad was a lawyer and I grew up middle class! I now live in gatineau and I got a temp job in March for 11 an hour but I was backup up on rent and had no money for bus fare. I applied to welfare here and was denied- it took them 5 weeks to decide to deny me. I went to work a mess every day with no food, didnt know if Id have money to get home- and it affected my work. I ended up with another temp job so took it at 11 an hour so worked 7 months straight. Im out of work again and I had no income since Sept 30th. I only can pay rent and will have 150 left for food and bus for month of November. Food prices are very high too. I have to keep my cell going as I dont have a regular phone because I had to live in rooms since I moved to ottawa - if u dont have fulltime work u cant get your own apt and I dont have the money the landlords ask for rent is 2000!! I dont have credit cards I used to when i worked for the police.....Im very scared. Im alone here my family is not here....I also dont have a car so I have to walk everywhere and I have bad feet that bleed at times. I also have a slumlord who has not turned on our heat yet.........

I have the highest score at the ottawa hospital in data entry but I cant get a job there - I dont speak french.......
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I am in desparate need for a grant to pay my bills, I was in a part time job for 3 years changed jobs, was a temp job that was suppose to go permanent and didn't. I have been unemployed this last year almost and have only had 3 temp jobs from only one temp service. I am 57 years old and have difficulty walking and standing for long periods of time. I have a student loan of approx $50,000 that have been deferred 2 times now and also have medical bill from 2010 where I was ill for approx 6 weeks, I had no insurance and was hospitalized for 4 days. As a result I now have about $8,000 in debt, and through a medical credit service I owe still about $2000, on dental I have been only paying minimum monthly. PLEASE HELP!

Please give me information on where to
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i was homeless for 11 years fresh out of foster care my foster mom died on me and her husband rapped me i ran away been homeless since and have been in section 8 housing since dec and i have a sectin 8 inspecton i need to fix a few items or they will remove my
voucher from me i dont have the money to fix these items im gonig to be homeless again i need money to fix these items
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i cannot find a job to save my skin, and no government programs i can find help me to pay my bills or rent til i find employment! since i have no kids, am not disabled, not a student, or an ex-criminal there is no help i can find!!!!! Does anybody know of some program i have overlooked?
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I need help paying my title loan on my 1957 chevy, it is going to reposessed if I don't come with the $400.00 by tomorrow. I did it through New England Finance, my wife and I are currently unemployed and are seeking work. can anybody help me please
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I have two kids and i dont have a job i was looking for work for 2 years and i really need help my bills.

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I want to help paying bills I am not looking for someone make off of me. if i am looking help with bills that i do not money RIGHT!

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 in response to victim t...   I'm in bad need of a grant to help me and my family with the bills such as lights, I really need to pay off my car so I won't have to have that car note. I need other bills paid off as well or paid up. I don't have a job at the present time.

Time and time again I have advised those that need help with paying their light bill go to this blog post to read about how someone else got 2 government grants to get their lights shut back on!

Number 2 - With the bills that the grants can help you with it is responsibly assumed that you would take that money that you are saving with the government grants and use it for the bills that the grants don't cover.

So you don't have a job right now. Are you looking? What is it that would be your Dream Job?

Have you thought about trying to make money online? I have a Working From Home Blog where I blog about being able to Working from Home. I have also recently started a Paid Surveys Newbie blog just to see if all of this talk about being able to work at home doing paid surveys has any truth to it.

You have more options than you know!

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victim t

I'm in bad need of a grant to help me and my family with the bills such as lights, I really need to pay off my car so I won't have to have that car note. I need other bills paid off as well or paid up. I don't have a job at the present time.

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I am unemployed and suffered a collapsed lung from infection from the air conditioning job that layed me off .  thats three years of training blown, now im back to square one jobless with no profession.  I need help finding a non hazerdous good paying job and temporary financial aid.

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